Nuuk is the capital city of Greenland. The city has low business ratings that hover around 50 and have moderate tourism ratings that range between 150 and 200.


The default airport here is Nuuk Airport (GOH).


In the game, a player, in theory, can land aircraft as large as the Airbus A380 or the Boeing 747 at the airport. In real life, Nuuk Airport only has one asphalt runway of 968m in length, which is far too short for any large airliners. Even direct flights to Denmark are not possible. The airport usually only handles domestic flights or trips to Iceland. International flights, besides to and from Iceland, normally goes to nearby Kangerlussuaq Airport. The airport services can only handle small aircraft like the Bombardier Dash 8 series or other similar or smaller sized planes.


Nuuk is one of the unpopular cities in the game. Its remote location in Greenland means there are almost no cities to connect to in the north, east and west of Nuuk. Due to low business ratings, cargo operations of any kind into and out of Nuuk is not recommended. Revenue will be very limited and the situation can be made much worse when an economic crisis hits. Passenger operations are a better option as the city is within reach of North America and Europe, but the number of connections that can be made are limited and long ranged aircraft will be needed to make more connections, which may not be worth it given the city's tourism rating.

It is rare for Nuuk Airport to obtain a status above level 3 due to its unpopularity. As such, it is not recommended to buy over Nuuk Airport from the national government due to limited profits. Second and third airports are always a waste of money and credits. Hence, these airports are strongly not advised to be built by any player.

The best passenger planes to this city are the small to medium sized aircraft like the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320. Long ranged aircraft like the Airbus A330 or the Boeing 767 can be used if the city is to act as a stopover. Large capacity aircraft are often not recommended as the number of passengers will be quite small and will result in high maintenance costs and increased depreciation. If cargo operations are to be run, small and cheap aircraft like the Antonov An-24 or the Boeing 727-100QF are better suited as larger planes are more likely make a loss or a profit that doesn't cover the depreciation of the aircraft.

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