Oslo is a medium sized city located in Norway. The city is the capital and largest city in the country. Oslo has moderate to high business ratings that range from between 150 and 220, but the city has lower tourism ratings that range from between 100 and 200. Oslo will host the 1994 Winter Olympic Games and the number of travellers going in and out of the city will increase greatly during the month of the Games.


The default airport here is Oslo Airport, Gadermoen (OSL).


Oslo is a fairly well known city to many players as many players fly to the city as a cargo destination due to its relatively high business ratings. The city does have some drawbacks as Oslo is not able to handle much competition and players should be prepared to suspend routes if necessary. Low tourism ratings means that income from passenger routes are limited and airlines that run passenger flights here as a main operation may find it hard to grow or increase in value. Despite these, Oslo has some good points. The city faces only mild to moderate competition and it is also strategically located in Europe. A huge number of profitable connections to large and highly rated cities within the continent (e.g. London and Amsterdam), Asia (e.g. Bangkok and Tokyo), Africa (e.g. Cairo and Lagos) and North America (e.g. New York and Atlanta) can be made. Beginners are neither advised or discouraged from starting here and are recommended to consider this city carefully as the pros and cons balances out each other quite well in this city, giving no specific advantage or drawbacks from using this city.

Oslo Airport, Gadermoen often will achieve a status of level 4 or 5 by the end of the game and nothing more. Demand for slots in the city is moderate, but the airport can sufficiently meet it. As profits from the airport is not at its maximum, players are advised not to purchase this airport from the national government. Additional airports are also unnecessary and should not be built by any player at all costs.

Because the city is more well known as a cargo destination, cargo flights are better options compared to passenger routes. When flying to large cities, medium capacity planes are recommended and great examples include the Boeing 767, Airbus A310, Ilyushin IL-76 and the Douglas DC-8. Routes to small and medium sized cities should utilise small capacity planes such as the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-9. Large capacity planes are not recommended as empty room makes no money and the high depreciation rate that comes with these planes, which cannot be covered by limited profits, is never good for any company.

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