Before editing or creating any page please read layout guidelines bellow. This guidelines will standardized page layout on all pages in this wiki.

Any pages that edited or created without following this guideline will be reverted or deleted.

Aircraft Page Layout Guidelines

Aircraft page layout contains 2 sides, left side for text description(if applicable) and right side for the info-box panel. For the infobox, we use tab view to separate multiple data.

Multi tab infobox creation step

  • Create a sub page. For example to create sub pages inside 727 pages simply add a sub page name next to 727 page URL.[SUB PAGE NAME]
  • Click create button on top right to create new sub page.
  • Insert info box template information with this script
    |image1 = <gallery>File:[FILE].png|ATOX</gallery>
    |title1 = 
    |name = 
    |class = 
    |capacity = 
    |SO = 1=yes/0=no
    |range = 
    |introduction_satisfaction = 
    |fe =
    |speed = 
    |depreciaton = 
    |price = 
  • Then publish the sub page
  • Return to main/master page and follow this script
    <div class="cotainer">
    <mainpage-leftcolumn-start />
    <div class="col">
    <p style="text-indent: 50px;">
     [Aircraft Description Line 1]
    <mainpage-endcolumn />
    <mainpage-rightcolumn-start />
    <div class="col">
    Boeing 727/727-100|727-100||true
    Boeing 727/727-100QF|B727-100QF
    Boeing 727/727-200|727-200
    Boeing 727/727-200F|B727-200F
    <mainpage-endcolumn />
  • Make sure you fill the [Aircraft Description Line 1] with original content and change the tabview section with the correct sub page name. For example "Boeing 727/727-100|727-100||true", Boeing 727/727-100 is the sub wiki URL, 727-100 is a tab name/title, and true must be added to the first line ONLY.
  • tabview Format : MAIN_PAGE/SUB_PAGE|TAB_NAME|(first line only)true
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