Penang is a small to medium sized city located in Malaysia. As a thriving tourist destination, the city has moderate tourism ratings that range from between 100 and 200. Business ratings are lower and fall in the low range of around 50 and 150. The city is only available in Air Tycoon Online 2.


The default airport here is Penang International Airport (PEN).


In the game, Penang International Airport is only opened mid-way into the game (circa 1980 or 1990). In real-life, Penang International Airport is one of the oldest airports in Malaysia, having opened in 1935 when Penang was still under the British colonial rule.


Penang's lukewarm ratings makes the city a rather unpopular city for players to fly to as many players would opt for the highly rated city of Kuala Lumpur. Revenue from routes out of Penang are often limited and cargo routes are not advised. This may be balanced out by the fact that the city receives virtually no competition to large cities, but bear in mind that Penang cannot sustain any form of competition should it present itself. In addition, the city is in a slightly isolated location in south-east Asia. Although there are plenty of connections that can be made to the north of Penang (e.g. Bangkok, Hong Kong and New Delhi), there are few good destinations (e.g. Denpasar and Sydney) to fly to in the south. As such, beginners are not advised to make this place a hub for their operations. If players wish to use this city, flights to large cities are recommended in order to maximise the amount of money that can be made from this city.

Penang International Airport usually never gets upgraded beyond its initial status of level 2 due to its unpopularity. Thus, players should never consider buying the airport from the national government. This unpopularity means players will not demand for slots and this makes any second or third airport in the city futile. Hence, players are also advised to never consider this city as a place to construct additional airports in.

Low business ratings means first and business class seats in a planes should be kept to a minimum. When flying to large cities, medium capacity aircraft like the Airbus A310, Boeing 767 and Douglas DC-8 are endorsed. Flying to small or medium sized cities is not a good option, but if players are adamant, small capacity planes such as the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and the Bombardier CRJ Family are recommended to service these routes. Large capacity planes are not recommended as the planes would very likely never achieve a near full capacity status and the extra room makes no money. These planes come with high maintenance costs that will overshadow the revenue from the routes. In turn, this results in increased depreciation of an airline.

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