Pescara is a city located in Italy. It has average business and tourism ratings that range from 150 to 225. Tourist ratings are usually higher than business ratings.


The default airport here is Abruzzo Int'l Airport (PSR).


From Pescara you can fly to any city varying in size from very large to small. Very large planes are not recommended due to the majority of seats being empty on a route, though medium to large planes are suggested.

The city is highly recommended for everyone, but especially beginners. The city can sustain moderate competition due to its lukewarm ratings. Medium to large capacity planes such as B787-3s or A321neos are suggested for routes to cities with over 350 tourism ratings.

Abruzzo Int'l Airport usually attains status up Level 6 or 7. Buying the airport is not a bad idea, but building a second airport is not a good idea. In fact, it's a waste of credits and cash.

If you are making routes to medium to small cities (<250), small to medium capacity planes are suggested, such as Boeing B737s or A320neos. Also, when you make routes, the fare for Business or First class should be under 1.50.

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