Pittsburgh is a medium-sized city located in the eastern portion of USA. The city has moderate tourism and business ratings that range from between 150 to 250 each.


The default airport here is Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).


This city's moderate ratings make it a rather nice place to make a hub in, especially for beginners. The city is in a good position in USA that allows it to connect with European cities (e.g. London and Paris), South American cities, (e.g. Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo) and nearby North American cities (e.g Los Angeles and Toronto). Although routes, both cargo and passenger, cannot make as much money as other larger cities, competition in Pittsburgh is quite rare and can ensure growth for any airline. However, the city can barely sustain any form of competition, so be prepared to suspend a route if competition is making it difficult to make decent profits.

Pittsburgh International Airport rarely attains a status beyond level 5 due to it's unpopularity with many players. Because of this, it is recommended not to buy over this airport from the national government as better airports exist elsewhere for the same price unless you want to privatize it. Additional airports are also unnecessary as the primary airport is more than enough to meet the demand of slots in this city. As such, it should not be built by any players at all.

Very large capacity passenger planes like the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 should be avoided unless flying in from large cities. Generally, the ideal aircraft would be the ones with small to medium capacity of any range, in addition to having high satisfaction. Examples include the Boeing 757, Airbus A310, Lockheed Martin L-1011 and Tupolev Tu-204. For cargo, any aircraft with a high satisfaction will be suitable but avoid using aircraft with a huge capacity (over 100 tons) like the Boeing 747F.

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