Porto is a small/medium sized city in Portugal, Southern Europe. It has tour and buisness ratings in the mid 100s at the start of the game that can reach the 200s towards the end of the game.


The delault airport in Porto is Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport (OPO)


Porto is not reccomended as a hub for beginners due to its rather low ratings, relative isolation from the rest of europe and the fact that it cannot sustain much competition. It is advised to use nearby cities such as Lisbon ,Bilbao andValencia. Use medium capacity regional planes such as the A320 and737 families, theA321 is a good choice for longer routes to cities such as Oslo . For longer haul routes with high demand (to cities such asNew York and Dubai )757 ,767 andA330 families are advised as Porto cannot provide the demand needed for larger jets such as the777 and 747.For smaller cities use the787 ,A350 and even the A321 for smaller cities on the US east coast and eastern europe. The airport only reaches level 5/6 at most so no additional airports are needen

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