Rapid City is a small city located in USA. The city has very low tourism ratings that never exceed 100. Business ratings are higher but it also falls in the low range of between 50 and 150.


The default airport here is Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP).


Rapid City Regional Airport should not be able to handle international flights as the game allows this. This is because regional airports like this one do not have customs or immigration services to process international arrivals.


Rapid City is extremely unpopular with players and the airport usually does not have any scheduled flights to it. Low ratings means any income generated is extremely limited. During an economic crisis, the ratings can fall to very low levels that can force players to suspend routes. Despite competition in the city is essentially zero, the city is not able to sustain the competition. Although Rapid City's location is good as routes to cities in North America (e.g. Boston, Los Angeles and Mexico City), only flights to large cities are recommended. After all short haul flights have been made, long ranged aircraft will be needed to get to more cities in Europe and South America, which is not worth it given the limited revenue and high expenses incurred by using these planes. Hence, players, especially beginners, are advised not to run major operations of any kind in this city.

Rapid City Regional Airport is often empty with no scheduled flights by any airline. This means the airport would never get upgraded beyond its initial status of level 1. This also makes any additional airports useless and unnecessary. As such, players should never consider building or buying airports in the city as the credits are better spent elsewhere.

Due to the very low ratings, only small capacity planes such as the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and the Bombardier CSeries are recommended for flights to large cities. Business class seats should be minimised as low business ratings means very few passengers would actually fly business. For routes to small or medium sized cities, regional planes such as the Bombardier Dash 8, Sukhoi Superjet 100 and the Embraer E-Jet are recommended. Large capacity or expensive long ranged planes are strongly not recommended as these planes have high expenses that would likely overcome the meagre profits made from routes to this city and increase depreciation.

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