Route opening is the core function of the game where you open routes between 2 unlinked/already linked cities for your unused planes to generate profit from them.

To open a route, you need to

  1. For ATO2 and ATO3, select the two cities you would like to open a route between. For ATO, select one of the two cities you would like to open a route between, press the orange button with a star on it and select the other city you would like to link. For ATO 3, either one of the city has to have a branch of yours or is your hub. For stopover flights in ATO3, the stopover city has to be a hub enabled city (Yellow in color)


2. Check to make sure you have enough SLOTS, COUNTERS and OFFICES available in both cities, as well as an aircraft that has sufficient range for the route.


3. After clicking the “open route” button, select the aircraft(s) that you would like to use on this route. Only airplanes with sufficient range will be displayed.


4. Set your number of schedules and prices. Remember, an airplane can only fly a limited amount of schedules in a week. When considering prices, price according to the amount of competition that you have on that route. If it is high competition, set lower prices.


5. Set your meals, meal type and cabin service. Remember, the more service you offer, the more you pay per passenger. More services allow you to have more satisfication.


6. When the flight attendant asks you if you are sure you want to open a route, click “confirm” and you will get the “congratulations” screen.


7. Congratulations! You have opened a new route. Wait until the end of the current turn to see profit, occupancy, satisfaction and passenger numbers. Set your amount of schedules, type of plane, fares and services to an optimium level to utilize the routes in the most efficient way.

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