Please read and follow the rules before you do any interaction with this wiki.

This rules bellow must be implemented by all users including admin in this wiki

Please read and follow the Design Guidelines before create and edit any pages in this wiki.

Wiki Rules

  • You are allowed to do basic wiki interaction, like commenting on a page, editing, and creating pages.
  • You are not allowed to edit any protected pages. (Execpt Admin)
  • Do not delete any page without admin permission.
  • Page edit and page creation must follow the Design Guidelines.
  • Do not make any ads, spam, racism, etc
  • Do not discuss and create a page that related to politics.
  • Do not say bad/junk words.
  • Do not bully other users.
  • Do not upload or share the adult photo and link.
  • You are prohibited to create a socks account after your first/main account get blocked.

Failure to follow rules above can result in account blocked for a period of time.

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