San Salvador is a small to medium sized city in El Salvador. It has low to moderate business and tourism ratings that range from between 80 to 160.


The default airport here is El Salvador International Airport (SAL).


Due to it's low to moderate ratings, players are advised not to start here. San Salvador's location in Central America between North and South America can allow it to connect to many cities between the two continents However, the city is only good to fly to from large cities like Mexico City to make a decent income. One positive point of this city is the lack of competition and this can ensure profits are safeguarded. However, everything can and will go downhill when an economic crisis hits, so it is advisable to suspend routes to this city from other small to medium sized cites if necessary. Cargo operations of any kind should not be run given the low business rating, which may result in increased depreciation.

El Salvador International Airport will almost never attain a status beyond level 3. Thus, buying over this airport from the national government is not advised unless the player doesn't value credits. Secondary and tertiary airports are also useless in this city due to low demand for slots and also should not be built by any player.

Small planes like the Bombardier Dash 8 or Embraer E-Jet are advised on most passenger routes as larger aircraft would not be worthwhile given the city's lukewarm ratings. For cargo operations, aircraft such as the Antonov An-24 and Boeing 737-200F are recommended to keep costs low and ensure profits are enough to cover depreciation.

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