Santiago is a city in Chile. The city has medium to high ratings ranging from 150-275.


The default airport is Santiago Int'l Airport (SCL).


Santiago is a very popular city to start in, due to its ratings. Because of this, starting in Santiago is not recommended. This is further cemented by its isolated location, as there are very few available flights to the west. However the city has some major advantages. Its location makes it a great airport to use for stopovers. It also can sustain competition, although monopoly routes are still more profitable.

Santiago Int'l Airport will usually attain a status of Level 6 or 7 by the end of the game. As a result, it could be a good choice to buy but only after other choices are exhausted. Additional airports will usually not attain a status higher than Level 1 or 2 and should not be built.

Don't use small planes on high-passenger routes out of Santiago; they will depreciate. Instead, use large planes if your intent is to use this city for stopovers, and medium-sized planes for flights to nearby cities.

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