Sao Paulo is a large South American city located in Brazil. The city boasts very high tourism and business ratings that often exceed 300 or more each, which makes this city a popular place for many airlines.


The default airport here is Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU).


Sao Paulo's very high ratings makes the city a very popular destination for airlines to fly to. However, the city is located in a slightly remote location in South America. There are few good cities (e.g. Santiago and Buenos Aires) to connect to on the same continent as Sao Paulo. Once these connections are already used up, long ranged planes are needed to get to the highly rated North American (e.g. New York and San Francisco) and European (e.g. Madrid and Paris) cities. Flights to smaller cities nearby like Asuncion and Punta Arenas are also possible and can still bring decent profits to any airline that operate these routes. Such flights can be run when competition in this city get heavy, though the city can sustain heavy competition. Cargo operations in this city will be limited to the few good South American cites available and usually getting to the North American and European cities will require long ranged aircraft. Beginners are advised not to start here as the need for expensive long range planes can slow down the growth of an airline early on in the game.

Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport will usually attain a status of level 6 or 7 and, in some rare cases, attain maximum slot usage. This, however, doesn't make the airport an ideal choice to buy over from the national government and should only be considered after all other better airports have been purchased by other players. Additional airports here are unnecessary and usually will not attain a status beyond a level 2 or 3. Therefore, players should not consider building airports here as it will be a waste of credits and cash unless the player wishes to privatise the airport for his/her own use.

Due to its isolated position in South America, long range planes with high satisfaction and large capacity are required to get to large cities in other continents. Suitable examples include the Airbus A380, Boeing 747, Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350. Flights to nearby cities of medium and large sized should use medium capacity planes like the Boeing 767, McDonnell Douglas DC-10, Ilyushin IL-86 and the Airbus A300. Small capacity planes such as the Boeing 737, Embraer E-Jet, Bombardeir CRJ Family and the Airbus A320 are best avoided unless flying to small sized cities with ratings below 150. Cargo planes used to nearby cities should be of small to medium capacity like the Boeing 737F, Antonov An-70 and Airbus A310-200F. For cities in other continents, planes of any capacity with a long range are recommended and this includes the Airbus A310-300F, McDonnell Douglas MD-11F and the Boeing 767-300F.

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