Spokane is a city in Washington, USA. The city has medium ratings that range between 75 and 150.


The default airport is Spokane Airport (GEG).


Spokane is a relatively small city, but can still make decent profits if players know the optimal strategy. Although there is very little, the city cannot sustain competition, and so players should be prepared to close routes if neccesary. Its location can be a problem as there are few routes to be made to the west, although there are many to the south and east (Chicago, Houston, etc.)

Spokane Airport will rarely achieve a status beyond Level 3. For this reason, it is not reccomended to buy the airport from the national government. Additional airports are unnecessary and should not be built unless a player will privatize it for his/her own personal use.

Medium-sized planes such as the Airbus A330, Boeing 757 or McDonnell Douglas DC-10 can create routes with high occupancy on monopoly routes to very large cities. For flights to medium cities, airplanes such as the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and other small planes are recommended. Large planes should be avoided as the city does not have enough demand to fill up these planes and they will often fly at lower occupancy.

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