Rtr0_ID's Success Tips

Based from my last game-play and past experience here is my success tips.
Please note that this page is not final or in beta state and this tips was made based from my experience as a serious player in ATO2 and AT4, i am not responsible for any profit loss or anything that caused by following this tips .
Any suggestions for this page are welcome.

Routes Creation

  • Create a non competitive routes on low demand routes, so the probability level to get any competitors on that route is less than 50%.
  • For long range low demand routes it is recommended to use stop over routes, there are 2 methods of stopover routes:
    • HLH Methods example : Singapore-Riga-Chicago, Singapore and Chicago are the high demand airport but Riga is a low demand airport, this method is called HLH(High Low High), with A330-200 this route always get 100% occupancy.
    • LHL Methods example : Yekaterinburg-Kuala Lumpur-Hobart, Kuala lumpur is the high demand airport but the others are not. This method is called LHL(Low High Low), this methods is not recommended since the edge to edge airports are low demand airport, with A330-200 this route always get unstable occupancy at range 80%-100%. 
    • Triple H(HHH), example: Singapore-London-Toronto, those airports are high demand airport, in some case it is still okay to use this method, but you need an intense monitoring for those routes, since those routes are very high demand routes, many competitors will try to create Competition on those routes. In my experience i get 100% all time with 1x A380-800 even with more than 3 competitors.
    • Triple L(LLL)[Highly Not Recommended], example: Semarang-Almaty-Halifax, those airports are low demand airport, with A330-200 you will get unstable occupancy with range 40%-80%.
  • Creating a lot of Stopover routes is recommended, but don't forget to create the regional/domestic/short range route too.
    • Regional/domestic/short range routes will prevent your airline from minus profit in economic crisis.
    • For regional/domestic/short range low demand routes it is recommended to use narrow-body aircraft such as B737, A320, etc.
  • Seat Maps
    • Coming Soon


  • Customer Satisfaction Always No 1 
    • Crank up your customer service and ads investment to maximum except when there is economic crisis.
    • Decrease investment level if your company value decreased each turn.
    • The higher customer satisfaction, the more customer you get.
    • Renovate your airplane if the satisfaction level is bellow 50%.
  • Fuel
    • Build more fuel tanks as your routes grow.
    • Use more fuel efficient airplane.
    • Do not use low fuel efficiency airplane such as concorde
  • Buying a credits with real money does not guarantee you to become no 1
    • From my current game-play there are a lot of player that bought a high amounts of credit with real money, at first they become no 1 after their credits runs out their company value will gradually decreased each turn(minus value).
    • Its okay to purchase the credits with real money to support the game developer to maintain the server availability.


  • Use an Android Emulator to Save Your Battery
    • It is recommended to use an android emulator on computer like nox, memu, etc. Since ATO and AT draw a lot of power especially ATO2, ATO3, AT4, and AT5 .
  • Do Not Become Hare/Do Not Think You Are Always No 1
    • After you reach the highest score don't stop maintaining your airlines there are a lot of players trying to take that position. Keep creating routes, keep maintaining routes, and don't forget to maintain your fleets properly.
    • Many players are banned from using cheats such as memory change/cheat engine.
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