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Sydney is a large city located in the eastern portion of Australia. The city has high tourism and business ratings that range from between 200 to 350. The business ratings in Sydney are usually higher than the tourism ratings. The city will host the 2000 Summer Olympics and passenger travel in and out of Sydney will increase greatly during the month of the Games.


The default airport here is Sydney Airport (SYD).


Sydney's high ratings make this a popular place to fly to. However, it's location gives airlines that opened a hub here a major disadvantage. It's location in a rather remote part of Australia and medium to long ranged aircraft are needed to make connections to cities in Asia, which are usually expensive or unavailable at the start of the game. Hence, players, especially beginners, are advised not to start here. The city has the ability to sustain moderate competition on all cargo and passenger routes. But, a player should be prepared to shut down a route if profits are not favourable whenever competition is present.

Sydney Airport rarely obtains a status beyond a level 7. Furthermore, it achieves a level 5 or 6 quite late into the game (after 2000). So buying over the airport from the national government is not recommended as better airports exist elsewhere. Second and third airports are also unnecessary and should not be built by any players as it is a waste of cash and credits.

Due to Sydney's isolated position, in addition to aircraft having high satisfaction, it should also be able to travel long distances. Examples of suitable aircraft for passenger operations include the Boeing 777, Airbus A340 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Unlike larger cities, small aircraft like the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320 can be used to connect to nearby cities, such as Brisbane and Auckland, as it is rather unlikely that the planes will achieve full capacity during off-peak months, which means additional aircraft is unnecessary. For cargo routes, the most suitable aircraft include the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F, Airbus A330-200F and Airbus A350-900F as these cargo planes have relatively long ranges. However, these aircraft are not available immediately at the start and thus can be problematic for airlines that wish to establish cargo operations to and/or from Sydney.

A player can take advantage of the 2000 Summer Games by adding temporary planes and/or raising prices to passenger routes into and/or out of Sydney to boost revenue during the month of the Games.

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