Tashkent is a medium sized city located in Uzbekistan. It has moderate business and tourism ratings that range from between 100 to 200 each. The business ratings are usually higher than the tourism ratings.


The default airport here is Tashkent International Airport (TAS).


The city is a relatively good place to fly to for cargo operations. Located between Asia and Europe, it has a good location to establish a great network. Passenger routes are possible and a good, but not too popular, use of this city is as a stopover between cities in Asia (e.g. Kuala Lumpur and Manila) and Europe (e.g. Paris and London). Long distance cargo routes into this city, however, should be avoided unless the capacity and the price of the plane isn't too large (Something under 60 tons and a price under 200,000k would be reasonable).However, any form of competition to and/or from this city, big or small, is not recommended for both cargo and passenger routes as the city's mild ratings makes it a little unsuitable to sustain the competition.

Tashkent International Airport will rarely attain a status beyond a level 3 due to its unpopularity. This also makes any additional airports here unnecessary as the primary airport is more than enough to meet the demands for slots in the city. Hence, a player should refrain from buying or building any airports in this city.

For flights to most cities, the best planes are the ones with a small to medium capacity of any range and high satisfaction. This includes the Boeing 707, McDonnell Douglas MD-90, Airbus A310 and the Boeing 787. Cargo routes out of this city should have a small to medium capacity and sutiable examples include the Airbus A310F and Boeing 737F.

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