Teheran is a large sized city located in Iran. Its location makes it accessible to most cities in Eastern and South-Eastern Asia by the B707-320 and accessible to Europe through the B707-120. The city usually has scores of business and tourism of 150-175, with the tourism number slightly higher than the business. Due to the lack of competitors both initially and further on in the game, the city provides a comfortable hub to start off in and make profits.


Teheran offers a good sized hub with minimal competition throughout the game. A majority of major European and Asian cities (e.g. Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Beijing, Amsterdam) are easily within range of the Boeing 707-320 series, making a startup airline here very easy. The lack of competition in this city throughout the game makes it a very stable location especially during a Financial Crisis. Due to its size, passenger aircraft larger than the B777-300 will find it hard to turn a profit on passenger flights, whilst cargo planes larger than a B767 will make nearly no profit.


Teheran is located in Iran, and has easy access to Africa, Asia and Europe. It is however, nearly inaccessible to South America and very far away from Australia and North America.

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