Tel Aviv is a small city located in Israel. The city has low to moderate business and tourism ratings that often range from between 50 and 150 each. Tel Aviv is the only city in the game from Israel.


The default airport her is Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV).


The airport is named after Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. It was renamed in 1973.


Tel Aviv's low ratings make it a rather bad place to fly to. Limited profits and the inability to handle competition are also among some of the problems players will have to face in this city. Beginners are, thus, advised to avoid this city as a hub. While Tel Aviv has some downsides, the city is strategically located between three continents. Connections can be made to cities in Asia (e.g. Tokyo, Singapore and Guangzhou), Europe (e.g. London, Amsterdam and Madrid) and Africa (e.g. Cairo, Tripoli and Cape Town). Stopovers are also possible between cities in the three continents, although players would usually opt for better options like Dubai and Kuwait. Besides this, due to the city's unpopularity, competition in the city is very light. Players may monopolise almost every route out of Tel Aviv, although this is not recommended due to the city's low ratings.

Ben Gurion International Airport will usually never get upgraded beyond its initial status of level 2 due to weak slot demand. This low demand for slots also nullifies the usefulness of any additional airports built in the city and profits from the airports will thus be very low to non-existent. Therefore, players are advised to never consider Tel Aviv for the buying or building of airports.

Although the city can act as a stopover, this is not usually advised as the city's low ratings make it unworthy of the expensive long ranged planes that are usually needed. When flying to large cities, players are advised to use medium capacity planes such as the Lockheed L-1011, Boeing 767 and the Douglas DC-8. Flights to small and medium sized cities should be serviced by small capacity and regional planes such as the Boeing 737, Bombardier CSeries and the Embraer E-Jet. Like many cities with low ratings, large capacity aircraft are always never recommended and should not be used as these planes can increase a company's depreciation due to the high maintenance costs of the planes which limits profits.

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