Thunder Bay is a small sized city located in Canada. The city has low business and tourism rating that often range from 50 to 150. The business rating is often higher than the tourism rating.


The default airport here is Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT).


Thunder Bay is often unpopular with airlines due to the low amounts of revenue that can be generated from this city. This leads to essentially no competition in the city, but Thunder Bay's low ratings means the city cannot sustain any if competitors are present. To make a decent income in Thunder Bay, short haul flights using inexpensive planes to large cities are recommended. Location can be an issue, as short haul flights to a large city are only possible in North America (e.g. Toronto, Los Angeles and Philadelphia) and, sometimes, Europe (e.g. London, Glasgow and Barcelona). Long haul flights are not recommended as aircraft that are required for such flights are expensive and come with high depreciation rate that will overcome the tiny profits from these routes. Due to the difficulty of making high enough profits to ensure booming growth, beginners are advised not to start in this city.

Thunder Bay International Airport is often empty and usually never gets upgraded beyond its initial status of level 1. As such, the airport is a very poor choice to be purchased from the national government as profits will be near zero. Additional airports are also made useless due to the lack of demand for slots. As such, players should never consider building second or third airports in this city and to choose better options elsewhere.

Large capacity and pricey long ranged planes are highly not recommended as these planes comes with a high depreciation rate and maintenance costs that will make it very unworthy for flights to Thunder Bay that makes very little money. Low business ratings means players are advised to minimize the number of first and business class seats on-board their planes. When flying to large cities, small to medium capacity planes are recommended and good examples include the Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and the Bombardier CSeries. Flights to small and medium cities are best serviced with regional planes such as the Bombardier CRJ Family, Embraer E-Jet and the Ilyushin IL-114.

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