Toronto is a large city located in the eastern portion of Canada. As a leading international centre of business, finance, arts and culture, Toronto has very high business and tourism ratings that often exceed 250 each. The tourism ratings are often higher than the business ratings as it can go as high as 400 on some occasions. Toronto is one of the few cities to obtain a "Rising Tour Destination" News Report and both ratings will rise greatly shorty thereafter.


Name : Toronto Pearson International Airport
Runway :

  • 05/23 11,120 3,389 Asphalt/Concrete
  • 06L/24R 9,697 2,956 Asphalt
  • 06R/24L 9,000 2,743 Asphalt
  • 15L/33R 11,050 3,368 Asphalt
  • 15R/33L 9,088 2,770 Asphalt

Coordinates : 43°40′36″N 079°37′50″W
Airport Chart : Link (Do Not Use For Flight)


The airport is named after Lester B. Pearson, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate the 14th Prime Minister of Canada. With these accomplishments, together with his ground-breaking work at the United Nations and in international diplomacy, Pearson is generally considered among the most influential Canadians of the 20th century and is ranked among the top 6 greatest Canadian Prime Ministers. He died on December 27, 1972 in his Ottawa home.


Initially, Toronto has low to moderate ratings that range from between 100 to 150. This turns many players away from opening a hub in this city. However, once the news report come and go, Toronto will become an extremely popular city for players to make a hub in and a popular destination to fly to. Due to the low initial competition, beginners are advised to start here, but they should be quick in establishing passenger or cargo routes. Once Toronto becomes popular, competition in the city will grow very quickly. Toronto can, however, sustain the heavy competition after its development. The city is also in a great spot to make routes to cities in North America (e.g. Los Angeles and Mexico City), Europe (e.g. Frankfurt and Rome) and South America (e.g. Bogota and Sao Paulo). With appropriate long ranged planes and/or suitable stopovers (e.g. Anchorage and Kona), flights to Asian cities like Beijing and Taipei are also possible. If, however, competition gets too intense, players are advised to make monopolised routes to medium sized cities like Vancouver, Tampa, Lisbon and Manchester.

Toronto Pearson International Airport often will attain maximum slot usage, but this often occurs about 30 to 40 years into the game (mid to late periods into the game). This does make the airport a good choice for purchase if a player is seeking for a national airport during the 1990s. Despite the need for a second airport once the principal airport reaches full capacity, players are advised to leave the construction to the national government as any additional airports will usually not attain a high status and will not go beyond a level 3 or 4.

The ideal aircraft to use in Toronto when flying to large cities for both cargo or passenger operations are the ones with a high satisfaction and a large capacity. Suitable examples include the Airbus A380, Boeing 747 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. When flying to small and medium sized cities, aircraft with a medium capacity such as the Boeing 707, Airbus A300 and the Ilyushin IL-86 are recommended. Small capacity planes should be avoided in order to prevent the need for multiple planes servicing a single route and this can help keep depreciation to a minimum.

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