Turin is a small to medium sized city located in Italy. The city has moderate tourism ratings that range from between 150 and 250, but have lower business ratings that range from between 100 and 200. The city will host the 2006 Winter Olympic Games and tourists numbers in the city will increase greatly.


The default airport here is Turin Caselle Airport (TRN).


Turin is a very unpopular city for many players due to its low ratings and preference for players to use airports in bigger cities like Rome and Milano as the low ratings means profits will generally be limited. This results in virtually zero competition for routes out of this city. However, Turin cannot cope with competition very well and players should be prepared to close routes if necessary. The city is in an excellent spot in Europe, which allows flights to a huge number cities in North America (e.g. New York and Toronto), Africa (e.g. Tripoli and Monrovia), Asia (e.g. New Delhi and Dubai) and in Europe itself (e.g. London and Moscow). Beginners are neither encouraged or discouraged from starting here as the pros and cons of starting in Turin are almost equally matched and players are advised to consider their choices carefully before making a decision.

Turin Caselle Airport often will not attain a status beyond a level 2 or 3 due to the lack of demand for slots. This also means that any additional airports in Turin will be futile unless a player wishes to privatise it. In short, building and buying airports in Turin is not recommended for any players who values credits.

For passenger flights to large cities, medium capacity planes are recommend. This usually includes the Boeing 707, Lockheed L-1011 and Airbus A310. Routes to all other cities should be restricted to small capacity aircraft like the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and the Bombardier CRJ Family. For cargo operations to cities of any size, small capacity planes like the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32F and the Boeing 737F are advised. Avoid large capacity aircraft in order to minimise unnecessary space and depreciation.

A player can take advantage of the Winter Olympics in order to boost revenue by adding temporary planes and/or raising prices on routes going in or out of Turin.

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