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If you are new to Air Tycoon Online, first of all, please follow the in-game tutorial on how to play. If you need more help with how to play, please continue reading this page for the basics of AT Online. If you want to get some tips from other seasoned players, see also Tips & Tricks on the wiki.


Whether you are new to Air Tycoon, a seasoned tycoon fan, or have played previous Air Tycoon titles, this tutorial will help you on how the game works and how you can create the ultimate airline. We recommend that you play the in-game tutorial if you want to know how to run your airline. For those who have been playing the game but need a refresher or those who for some reason don't understand the in-game tutorial, this should help.

How to Play - The Basics:

Before you begin, make sure to have the app installed on your device. The game can be found on the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play Store (for Android). Simply search "Air Tycoon Online" or "Tradegame Lab". Both will give the same result. When you search (iOS only) you will find 2 versions, a $0.99 version and a free version. If you have the money, don't hesitate to buy it (it's only $1.00). If you're out of cash, download the free version. Both versions are exactly the same except with a few minor differences. the paid one gives you 50 credits instead of 20 credits in the free version (we'll get to credits in a bit). On the Google Store, you will only get the free version. Make sure to give the game some time to download. The game is ~100MB so it will take some time to download. Once it's done, open the app.


If you have played Air Tycoon or Air Tycoon 2, you already know it is an offline game. Air Tycoon Online is Online. No surprise there. Because it is online, you MUST register for an account and there is no way to play it offline. Don't worry on registering, it takes a few minutes and it's quite simple. You only need a username and password (email is optional) for ATO1, and only the company name for ATO2. Once you've registered, your account will be saved on your device. If you play the game on another device, you will need to login manually. Another note is that if you paid for the game, you can save up to 3 accounts on one device, while the free version only allows one. Once you have logged in, you will see the next part.

How to Play - Your Airline:

After you've registered, you will get a screen with a list of channels. These are servers which have hundreds of airlines registered. Choose the one you would like to join. Once you do, you will be able to create your airline. You can customize the aircraft colors and logo of your airline. REMEMBER, you can't change your airline name without spending credits. So think of one that you will like. Airlines that have used the airline name you chose can't be used. IATA code is what your airline will be represented in ICAO (3-letter) code. Put in something random because it serves no purpose. Once you have finished everything your airline will be registered and the game will begin!


The tutorial is covered by the game if you are playing for the first time on your account.

Learn how to open a route here

There are 2 numbers regarding a city, business and tour. The higher the business is, the more business and first class passengers are on a route, the higher the tour, the more the economy class passengers are on a route.

A stop over is where you move an airplane a very long distance(much longer than its range) by stopping at a certain airport.

Promotions are where you spend a number of dollars to "promote" your city, you can not have the two cities promoted one month after the other.

Starting guide(ATO 2)

First, buy as much TU-104's as possible and put them on high tour routes. Then, with the rest of you money, lease plenty of B707s and then put them on routes. Competition is not needed, but if you see someone running a great flight, little satisfaction with full fare, go ahead and enter the competition. After reaching about 70000k in profits, get the DC-8 every turn and connect longer routes. When you hit 1970, start replacing your TU-104's with Boeing 737s as they are much better in many ways. This will take some time, because the Boeing 737 is about 30000k pricier than the TU-104, but keeping your TU-104's will cause the to depreciate and the maintenance and fuel needed will slowly rise, and eventually, crash. Make sure to always save your credits as they are needed for fuel tanks and airports. This strategy will make you at least the top 20 in the server from the starting year.

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