The Winter Olympic Games is a prestigious global event that is held once every four years (except in 1992 and 1994, because of a change in the Olympic schedule so the two major Olympic Games would be 2 years apart. Before that, the winter and summer games were held in the same year.) in selected host cities in the game. Host cities that hold the event will receive a huge boom in tourist numbers. Players can take advantage of the event to boost revenue by adding temporary planes and/or raising prices on routes to host cities. News Reports on the Winter Olympic Games are often announced eight months before the start of the event, giving time for players to make as many flights as possible to the host cities.

Report Content

Winter Olympic Games will be held in <City Name>(<Country of the City>) in <month of the Games>.

List of Host Cities

The table below shows a list of of host cities together with the date that the report is received and the date the Winter Olympic Games are held. It is arranged in chronological order from 1960 to 2020.

Note: The table is still incomplete. You can help by adding entries or by adding hyper-links to the cities.

Host City Country Date News Report is Received Dates Games is Held
Innsbruck Austria 1963.05 1964.01
Lyon France 1967.06 1968.02
Sapporo Japan 1971.06 1972.02
Innsbruck Austria 1975.06 1976.02
Boston USA 1979.06 1980.02
Calgary Canada 1987.06 1988.02
Lyon France 1991.06 1992.02
Oslo Norway 1993.06 1994.02
Nagoya Japan 1997.06 1998.02
Salt Lake City USA 2001.06 2002.02
Turin Italy 2005.06 2006.02


  • The Winter Olympics Games is usually held on February. Because of this, cities in the southern hemisphere are not able to host the event due to the season being summer in the south on February.
  • Some of the cities shown in the game that hosts the Winter Olympics are actually not correct. For example, in 1994, the Winter Olympic Games are held in Oslo, Norway according to the game. In reality, the 1994 Winter Games is actually held in a small town named Lillehammer which is about 180km north of Oslo. This is probably done because some of the cities that have hosted the Winter Games have no airports and are thus not shown in the game.
  • The 1984 Winter Olympics that was held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia is not reported in the game. This is probably because the country, Yugoslavia, and the city of Sarajevo does not exist in the game.
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